About ❤️

LINE is a young startup delivering award-winning consumer electronics. Founded in 2017 by Nancy de Fays and Quentin Malgaud as a side project, the overwhelming enthusiasm from a crowdfunding campaign turned it into a life-changing adventure.

In 2020 LINE was awarded Best of CES 2020 for its premium device LINEDOCK.

Staffed with skilled, GSD & creative people, the team is currently operating on 3 continents and is now venturing into the realm of software.

We stand for :

Building better products: we value excellence, high-quality and design.

Making things less boring: we value singularity, creativity and beauty.

Creating in a sustainable way: we are carbon-neutral certified and we use less than 1% of plastic in our products.

Being surrounded by inspiring humans : we value harmony, diversity and excellence.

The ideal candidate 🦄

LINE is a direct-to-consumer brand, we rely on you to convey the company's values in all your interactions with customers.

Here's our description of the ideal person for this job :